Sunday, August 31, 2008

Best Commercial Ever


Had the TV on without noticing it the other day until this phrase caught my ear: “….the most sophisticated piece of technology you’ve ever peed on.”

It turned out to be a Clear Blue Easy commercial and though I hope I never ever ever need their fine product (again), if I do, they have my business for life. Best Ad Ever. Here it is on YouTube:

Clear Blue Funny

After this you’d think that Clear Blue Easy couldn’t be any cooler, but they can: in 1997 no less a legend than David Lynch did an ad for the company:

Clear Blue David Lynch

Finally, this is one of the best SNL parodies ever,and less of a parody than some of the shmlatzier pregnancy test commercials would lead us to believe:


My best tip for remembering birth control is simply to spend time in a supermarket, public library or anywhere else at least one set of kids is running one or both parents ragged. Nothing like a tantrum to remind you "Oh! Gotta buy condoms!"

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