Sunday, September 14, 2008

My First Video Blog!!!!

Jesus, I am so proud of this! It's the first one, ya know, so I know it's not perfect - but I'm hoping it's going to end up like the Simpsons - just a little thing at first, then bigger, then generally acknowledged as awesome, then huge, then stellar, with merchandising and syndication and a devoted core of millions who look at the earliest episodes and think "Why did we think THAT was so cool?"

But for now it is - it's supercool! My most twitter-pated thanks to Jim DeSantis of Movie Brain Rot
for being such a huge help and for shooting and putting this together, Brian Quain of Before You Submit
for talking me into doing video in the first place and Fairvilla Megastore for loaning us the adorable cheerleader outfit! Fairvilla Megastore
They have the BEST costumes, for Halloween - or for down-and-dirty/sweet-and-flirty fun every other day of the year (and we hope they'll let us film there sometime!)

Anyway, these are my Top 5 Most Sexually Educational scenes in film (non-porn) and TV - we did this because it's September and that means back-to-school month and we all need a little sex Ed - contrary to what the abstinence-only crowd thinks. Actually, ESPECIALLY because of what the abstinence-only crowd think!
Anyway, please leave some good comments for us on YouTube and here on Alice. See you soon!!!! xoxoxo LL


Anonymous said...

I love it! You look amazing, and thanks for the great tips--I hope I get to use them one of these days! I predict full-blown film-geek icon status--keep em coming! (Er, no pun intended.)

Valerie said...

Brilliant video! What a natural extension for the career of the one and only Pop Tart!

Kudos for keeping a straight face during your description of the Grinding the Corn technique! Can't wait to hear more ...

And I agree, you look amazing. Go, Liz!

Maureen said...

I loved it! Congratulations! Can't wait to see the next video blogs!