Thursday, August 28, 2008

Before You Submit

I at Alice the Goon am excited to announce that I’ve hooked up with Before You Submit, a brilliantly innovative consulting company helping independent filmmakers make the best films – and get into the best festivals they possibly can. You put your heart, soul and life savings into a film, you’re totally committed to bringing your ideas to life – you don’t want to make something people are going to wind up skewering ala MST3K. Before You Submit is kind of like a transition phase between film school and real life, those critiques and suggestions you used to get from your professors and fellow students that would have helped so much before you coughed up all those festival entry fees.
I’ll be joining BYS as a writer and Sex in Cinema expert and hopefully soon we’ll even have some video blog footage to put up. Keep checking them out at:

The website: Before You Submit

And the blog: Before You Submit BlogSpot

See you there!