Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kawaski let's the good times roll

If you collect anything, there comes a point when your friends will start contributing to your stash. My friends have collected dragonflies, butterflies, cowgirls, poodles, R2-D2, cows and cats and every time I see something germane to their various menageries (or corrals or space ships) I feel compelled to get it for them.
My most observant friends, I’m proud to say, have started sending me penis imagery, the coolest and most exotic coming from my friend Hilary – natch – who passes along this awesome treatise on “Kawasaki’s annual fertility festival” from the WordPress blog Tokyo Times.

Japan’s Fertility Festival

Those of us who have been celebrating the wang and its wonders in our own way for a long time have got to love this public acknolwedgement. If it’s possible to lobby to have this festival take place in one’s own town, like they do with the Olympics, then I’d like to put Orlando’s Eola Park up as a potential host to the scrotum poles, penis pops and whatever else this wonderfully elemental fete has to offer the public. We could have it during Gay Days! – and it will tarnish our family-friendly image once and for all. If there’s one thing that can overshadow the Mouse it’s The Acanconda.

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