Saturday, February 16, 2008

Right Foot Blue (x 3)

Fell in love with Victoria and Vancouver, B.C. on my first trip there. The area has some of the most beautiful people and scenery I’ve ever encountered, and the food was dazzlingly good. The local salmon sushi was the best fish I’ve ever had and will remain so until they start making fish out of candy.

Between my old friends and our new favorite food being B.C. based, this story about what’s turning up on the beaches was a little bit disturbing (this is part of the story from

Third right foot washes up on B.C. coast
RCMP puzzled by strange findings
Canwest News Service
Published: Friday, February 15, 2008
VICTORIA - Three severed feet have washed ashore on B.C.'s Gulf Islands in the past six months -- all right feet, all in sneakers --in an increasingly bizarre mystery for police.
The latest foot was found last Friday on Valdes Island, a small community between Vancouver Island and the mainland.
RCMP say they are not sure whether foul play is involved and are trying to match any missing person cases to the severed extremity.
Two other right feet, both in size 12 men's sneakers, washed ashore on nearby Gabriola and Jedidiah islands last August. RCMP collected DNA from the remains but could not match them to anyone in police databases.

So, remember when you’re in B.C., there’s .6 miles to a kilometer, just over one yard per meter and three feet to a beach.

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Isil said...

I had a gf in BC :)

Pls tell me you tried nanaimo bars

Oh, an iced capuchinos from Tim Hortons ?