Thursday, March 27, 2008

Creating Value in the Dog

I at Alice the Goon apologize for the long hiatus. It was a result of the writer’s strike. I wasn’t paying myself what I was worth, and when I tried to talk to myself about it I acted like I was crazy. So I flipped myself off, called myself a fascist and left. Finally I gave in to my demands (“No more 2% milk!”) and am back on the job.

Besides, it was imperative that the strike be broken so I could tell you this story.
My friend Susan was at the dog park talking to me on the phone when she suddenly got very upset. Someone was yelling at their dog, she said, and it really got to her, to the point where she wondered if they might be crazy. So I passed on this advice from Paige:
When you see something like this happening, you go up to the person and lavish love and attention on the dog - say how cute he is, how sweet, how smart, how you’d love to have a dog like this, pet him, ask his age, etcetera. Paige’s friends at Earth Pets Natural Pet Market in Gainseville call this “creating value in the dog” - if the owner sees someone else valuing the animal they will shift perspective and value the animal, too.
This really happens. It’s the exact same principal as when you’re about to break up with a lover and then see someone else flirting with him or her; immediately you change your mind and decide to keep them. Whether it’s our covetous nature or outside perspective “creating value in the dog,” works.
Sometimes you are the dog. You have to create some value in yourself, make yourself seen as adorable (or whatever impression you’re inventing) before other people see it. I suppose it’s also called “marketing,” but whatever it is.....woof. Go on and do it.

(adorable dog provided by Katie Ball)

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