Monday, January 26, 2009

Make mine a Double-A

Thanks to Fairvilla Megastore for making traffic bearable the other day. Driving by the adult novelty store I noticed that their pre-Valentine's marquis reads "All you need is love - and batteries."


kyle said...

regarding your article on the alternet

pornography teaches that adultery
blossoms in swan-rose and thrilluminata,
that it is the pinnacle enflashed
with halluco-fire and cirro-dream,
that one will find happiness
if he simply struggles endlessly
his desires to gratify,
and the ravenous boar within to appease.
nothing could be farther from the truth,
on the contrary, firm happiness
lies in altruism,
always the other uplifting,
always the other with love-bliss embellishing.
authentic prosperity of felicia
rests in the constant struggle for justice,
the poor's wretchedness decreasing,
the oil-man's stabbing of the earth ceasing.

kyle said...

lust, Lord, is love's enemy.
the man of lust is propelled by an interior
pain only diminished by feed.
he snarls and fumes
lest his hunger is satiated,
and will go to extraordinary lengths
in order to diminish his soul-cancer,
and pacify his interior rage-boar.
the lover, in the other valley,
will take measures astonishing to please
his beloved, he will visit the desert's
most desolo-thrashed locales,
he will engage in the most
vexecessive labor,
all so that his beloved experiences
crysto-shower and mesmer-glow.