Friday, October 17, 2008

A lot of belly for your buck

This week I had the luxury of doing a story on Orlando Belly Dance for the Orlando Weekly:
It's really hard to write well about something you really love - you never feel like you quite do it justice. I feel very much this way about dancing, but this profile of Suspira is the closest I've ever come to getting the words right (thanks to her help).
  I've had such great luck with dance teachers, starting with Azuri Zanaar, whose generosity and talent were an inestimable gift;  without her I'd never have had the daring to step on a stage. I've also studied with Vanessa, Bhirgha Gypsikelt and Belle Abbas, all of whom have made the dance their own in a brilliant and influential way. Now I'm studying with Suspira, who, like Azuri, is an inspiring mix of comfort and provocation - she always makes me feel like I'm good enough to be better. 
Anyway, there is a tradition in dance of honoring your teachers - I hope I've done that, here, on stage and in class.
Wow, that was kind of serious. Isn't this where someone should say "Bring on the dancing girls?" 

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