Wednesday, July 30, 2008

GTS navigation

Our friend David was recently inspired to invent an acronym that he wants to make part of the lexicon and Goon wants to help. It's GTS and it stands for "Google That Shit." This is what you say to anyone who doubts that you know what you know, i.e.,

"Laurence Fishburne was never on Pee Week's Playhouse."

"Yes he was. GTS."

Or you could say it when you're stuck with a question you don't know.

"So did they ever identify that hideous dino-chicken-turtle-golum thing that washed up in Montauk?"

"What am I, Fox Mulder? GTS, fergodsake."

GTS is the digital age version of "Look it up," since nobody knows how to do that with books anymore but that's 75% of what people are doing all the time on line (the other 25% is reading Goon). Why remember facts when you can GTS and have all that brain space left over for sexual fantasies and revenge fantasies (for when the sexual fantasies fail)?
Anyway, we like it. Use it. It'll be in the Urban Dictionary one day. Then you can GTS.

Image of hideous dino-chicken-turtle-golum thing, that might be good if you Shake n Bake it, came off

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